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Silver Lane Studio Jewelry offers handmade jewelry with a minimalistic and organic aesthetic.  Through traditional metalsmithing techniques each piece of jewelry is individually hand-crafted— making no two pieces exactly the same and many pieces one-of-a-kind.  While the unique nature of each piece lends a kind of exclusivity, this jewelry is designed to be unpretentious and easy to wear everyday.

My name is Meegan Schreiber, and I am the designer, maker, and businesswoman behind Silver Lane Studio Jewelry.  As a primarily self-taught jeweler with an undergraduate degree in photography I bring my love of detail, contrast and subtlety, texture, and experimentation into my jewelry designs.  My work is a celebration of the simple and profound beauty of metal and stone, and I gather endless inspiration from the natural world.  

In my artistic process I resist and challenge the culture of fast fashion, mass production, and constant consumption; each piece of jewelry I create is a unique expression.  I relish the intimate relationship I engage in with my materials when I design and create objects of adornment, and I love knowing the wearer will have their own unique relationship to each piece.  As each piece of jewelry is a manifestation of my creative expression, it then becomes an object for the wearer to connect with, imbue with their own meaning, and use as a tool for their own self-expression.  

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Since so much of the jewelry here is one-of-a-kind, limited edition, or made to order Silver Lane Studio Jewelry's inventory is constantly changing. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow @silverlanestudiojewelry on Instagram to hear about upcoming shows and shop updates and to see works-in-progress.